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Why Us, Member of WR Group, are offering various corporate, commercial and financial services since 1994. We always distribute the best quality formation and business services at the best market prices to clients.

Qualified and Profession Staff
Our staff are with vast experience in offshore and financial services. We aim to make your assets work for you and to help you achieve your desired levels of growth.

We maintain a trustworthy professional relationship with our clients, providing integrity and confidentiality to our client's business affairs.

Quick Response
Our clients require and expect answers promptly. Immediate response to enquiries and instructions is of high priority among our staff. Requests are normally replied within one working day.

Compliance with Professional Standards and Ethics
With various professional staff, our Group respect and follow respective guidelines, regulations, ethics and principles. As such, "Know Your Client" principles (or due diligence) are strictly complied with. New clients are required to submit reference letter, identification and address proof. Existing clients are required to sign off Annual Declaration Form for client's record update.

On-going and Long-Term Relationship Maintenance
Clients are our assets and we strive to provide on-going customer care and solutions throughout. Clients are welcome to discuss of your needs with our professional staff for any assistance.

Multi-disciplined Services
As a professional corporate & financial Group, we may provide a good combination of various services to meet your needs. Startup services include compliance during company formation, offshore strategy, Hong Kong banking and virtual office. Commercial services include re-invoicing, accounting, internet services and China consultancy services. Anonymious and Custodial services include nominees arrangement and assistance, arrangment of custodial services on bearer share. Other special services may include tax planning, global tax minimization strategy, trust services, re-domiciliation, maritime services and more... with our financial group and quality legal practitioners and trustees.

Competitive Prices
At, Member of WR Group, we strive to provide competitive prices and value added solutions. We offer tailormade prices to meet our client's business objectives..

Whatever the size of the client, our aim is always to back our professional view in a practical and commercial sense. We also like to keep in constant touch with our clients' financial affairs and to work closely with their profesional advisers. If you find above helpful, please free to contact us.

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