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St Kitts & Nevis, Federation of - Offshore Jursidiction

FEDERATION OF ST KITTS AND NEVIS is located in the northern sector of the Leeward Islands chain, in the Eastern Caribbean. Nevis has a democratic system of government based on the British parliamentary system with an elected local assembly. The Companies Act 1996 ("NBCO"), incorporates both British and US law with the Act drawing heavily on the statute applicable in the US state of Delawarean. There is no taxation on business carried out to non-Nevis-residents or is not carrying on restricted businesses like banking or insurance... A standard NBCO is incorporated with an authorised capital of USD100,000.00 [MORE backgrounds of St Kitts and Nevis]

Tailor-made a St Kitts and Nevis company lets you:-
  • No tax on offshore company operating NBCO
  • Privacy of Shareholders &/or Directors names
  • No local Directors, local meetings or annual returns
  • Bearer shares are permitted with mobility restriction
  • May have a single shareholder
  • Permitted to hold shares in other offshore companies
  • No requirement to hold an AGM
  • No requirement for audited financial statements.\
  • May incorporate with Chinese company name (Add Surchage HK$1,500)

TailorMade Prices
  • First year St Kitts and Nevis Government License fee and Registered Agent fee is included. But mailing & IDD, if applicable, are not included above (Government fee is subject to change as announced)
  • Overseas customers please add HK$600 for Incorporation Speedpost charges & HK$300 for T/T bank charges.
  • For St Kitts and Nevis companies with Chinese Name, please add HK$1,500.
  • Above plan includes certificate of incorporation (government incorporation fee included), printing of memorandum of articles and association, share certificate, registers of officers and company chop.
  • Formation services include the preparation of documents for the appointment of 1-3 director(s) & registering 1-3 shareholder(s), prepare first meeting etc. If there are more than 3 directors/shareholders, we may charge for the extras.
  • Formation minimum requirements:
    The company can have 1 director and 1 shareholder and secretary. Minimum number of directors should be 3, but if the number of shareholder is less than 3, the number of directors can be reduced to the same number of shareholders. The shareholder may be in bearer with mobility restriction. [But some banks may not accept bearer shareholder to open corporate bank account]
  • Annual Maintenance Fee (as from 2nd year):
    Annual maintenance fee is HK$10,800 (subject to change as announced). The fee includes Annual Government Fee, Registered Agent Fee & Registered Office of respective jurisdiction.

Other Value Added Services:-
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You tell... we tailor.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients in offshore operations. If you find above helpful, please free to contact us.

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