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Selecting Offshore Jurisdictions

There are various offshore jurisdictions scattered throughout the world. Each area is having its characteristics. Some are independent countries and some are dependants of other nations under special regulations. All offer favorable tax regimes which tax planning or globalisation is important. Careful and well-structured offshore planning may help in global investment, group strategies and assets protection. Most offshore jurisdictions are free from foreign exchange controls and have clear company legislation to suit international business requirements. Hence, it is important to select a jurisdiction that is well suited to your specific and personal needs.

  • Political and economic stability
  • Modern and flexible legislation
  • Professional infrastructure with extensive legal and accountancy services
  • Good infrastructure facilities
  • Language for communication and in setup documentation
  • Comprehensive range of banking services
  • Any exchange control
  • Tax exemption
  • Requirements in the minimum number of director & shareholder
  • Permission in using bearer share
  • Other requirements in annual statutory filings
  • Tax treaties
  • Time zone

We are offering following jurisdictions for your selection, each with its characteristics and advantages.

If you find other offshore countries or territories not listed and you may contact us and our staff may check for you the incorporation processes or advise if other alternative is available.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to our clients in offshore operations. If you find above helpful, please free to contact us.

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